Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Everyone draw Mohammed" day


Today is "Everyone Draw Mohammed" day. I cannot draw, but I can post links to the drawings and artwork of others. The point is to depict Mohammed in defiance of Islam.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Morgan Elizabeth Woolard nude pics; sex tape; scandal; drugs; prostitution; DUI

Of course none of the above terms apply to Morgan Elizabeth Woolard, the Miss USA contestant from Oklahoma who spoke mildly in support of Arizona's immigration law and strongly in support of state's rights at the recent pageant (at which a Lebanese Muslim was crowned Miss America - no doubt as a stepping stone to the Nobel Prize).

But if you have found this page, it is likely you were directed here from Google as you were hoping to find dirt to descredit Ms. Woolard.

They did it with Sarah Palin, Carie Prejean and others. Now they are hoping to smear Ms. Woolard instead of allowing someone to favor publicly the concept of states rights.

Morgan Elizabeth Woolard

Morgan Elizabeth Woolard


Saturday, May 01, 2010

Vera Baker video; Vera Baker pics; Obama sex video will never see daylight; the Obamacare trumpcard.

Don't be too excited about the prospect of another Obama scandal (as reported by the recently more reliable National Enquirer.)

The Enquirer claims that a video tape exists of Obama with Vera Baker at a hotel:
Analyzing the reports, a top DC insider said the driver's account had been independently corroborated by investigators who believe the couple spent the night together at the hotel.

On-site hotel surveillance video camera footage may provide indisputable evidence.

"Investigators are attempting to obtain a tape from the hotel (that) shows Vera and Barack together," the DC insider confided.

"If the tape surfaces, it will explode the scandal."

I am almost certian that no videotape will ever surface. [The MSM/DNC has been sitting on this story for 1.5 years already.] Obama's thugs at SEIU, ACORN, etc. have an easy job if they wish to squelch the video. Assuming they find the person that now holds the video, they need only promise to exempt him from Obamacare.

The creation of Obamacare now gives the regime a weapon like no other. Americans face the loss of their ability to obtain medical treatment under Obamacare. We will all become lost in the new medical bureaucracy, like today's residents of UK and Canada. But for those that the regime exempts from the system, medical care will be available. The passage of Obamacare now gives the regime the opportunity to dole out life and death, simply by exempting its friends from Obamacare's provisions.

Obama sex tape soon to look like this?

A video of Vera Baker with the President would seemingly be quite valuable. Such a video would fetch a high price on the black market. But now, no amount of money could equal a "get out of Obamacare" card. The regime holds the ultimate trumpcard.

Vera Baker

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Arizona immigration law; Seth Meyers; late-night comedians; Goerge Orwell - 1984; two minutes hate.

For all of its weaknesses, the MSM/DNC still has the ability to flog a talking point to death, especially on an issue as crucial to the MSM/DNC as flooding our borders with illegal aliens.

In the "debate" over Arizona's border protection law, the MSM/DNC has given up any pretext at rational argument and simply vowed to repeat the "fascist/Nazi/Hitler" talking point until Americans are intimidated into giving up any attempt to protect the border. Hitler would have loved to have such a fifth column operating in the countries he invaded.

One example comes from SNL's Seth Meyers, who attacked the Arizona law by asking, "I know there are some people in Arizona worried that Obama is acting like Hitler, but can we all agree that there's nothing more Nazi than saying, 'Show me your papers?'"

Really? Nothing more Nazi than saying "show me your papers?"

What papers?

  • Do you mean proof of a social security number, without which Americans cannot work or obtain credit?
  • Or do you mean tax returns, for which your failure to file results in prosecution?
  • Or do you mean all of the documentation that will soon be necessary for law-abiding Americans to comply with Obamacare, including proof of participation in (and payment into) Obama's socialized insurance pool?
  • Or do you mean the new national ID proposed by Democrats that would contain biometric information on every law-abiding worker in the United States.
  • Or do you mean all of the "papers" contained in the FBI files that the Clinton White House improperly obtained and used against political opponents in the 1990's?
  • Or do you mean the various registrations and permits that the government has used for decades to "control" guns and (only law-abiding) gun owners?

Of course Seth Meyers and the other late night "comedians" do not mean those papers. He means only the papers that would protect our borders and the lives and pockets of law abiding Americans.

The welfare state has turned "show me your papers" into standard policy ever since the New Deal. The welfare state propoganda machine known as "late night comedians" have voiced no objection. Indeed, for the past year and half, they have even forgotten that a man named "Hitler" ever existed. It has become "hate speech" even to draw comparisons between Obama's statist policies and the failed totalitarian regimes of the past.

But now that one state demands basic "papers" to protect its citizens against foreigners who would overwhelm the very welfare systems created by the left, the late night propagandists suddenly rediscover Hitler.

The very notion of comedians becoming the number one weapon in the hands of a statist regime is unsettling. We are being told that if we oppose Obama's policies of increased government control and increased statism, we will be singled out for character assassination.

Late night comedians and their coastal audiences are the equivalent of the "two minutes hate" from George Orwell's 1984. Crowds are gathered. Enemies are identified. Instead of anger, the audience is encouraged to laugh at this evening's enemy of the state, no matter how uninspired the joke. Slowly, but surely, the viewers at home learn to keep silent for fear of being laughed at themselves.

As the ratings for the evening news decline, and as sales and advertising revenue plummet for all major newspapers, the welfare state has one weapon left - the late night comedian and his obedient audience.


Quote of the day - Mark Steyn

The same day that Mayor Newsom [of San Francisco] took his bold stand [against Arizona], I saw a phalanx of police officers doing the full Robocop – black body armor, helmets and visors – as they marched down the street. Naturally I assumed they were Arizona State Troopers performing a routine traffic stop. In fact, they were the police department of Quincy, Ill, facing down a group of genial Tea Party grandmas in sun hats and American-flag T-shirts.

Mark Steyn 4-30-2010

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