Friday, January 29, 2010

James O'Keefe, Hannah Giles, Mary Landrieu

Many on the left have spent the past few months trying to dig up and manufacture dirt on Hannah Giles in retaliation for her work in exposing the corruption and fraud at ACORN.

In this week's news comes the (at this point) strange case of her partner in the ACORN expose' - James O'Keefe - who was apparently arrested in the early steps of a similar investigation into the offices of Senator Mary Landrieu of Louisiana.

Few people are asking what it was that O'Keefe was trying to investigate at Landrieu's office. Whatever it was, it was probably worse than what O'Keefe may have actually done. I could feel more sympathy for those who are now calling for O'Keefe's head if it weren't for what the same people have tried to do to Hannah Giles.

Whatever it was that O'Keefe was up to, it apparently was not "wiretapping" (although it would have been nice to catch Landrieu in a Blagojevitch-type conversation with the White House after her Louisiana Purchase payoff fell through in the wake of the collapse of Obamacare).


Sunday, January 03, 2010

Global warming delayed again; Winter of 2010; Citrus crop endangered in Florida

Global warming is once again on hold (as seems to happen every year around this time):
The U.S. East Coast faces the coldest night of the season as frigid air spills south and threatens agriculture in Georgia, Alabama and the orange crop in Florida.

Freeze warnings were posted by the National Weather Service as far south as the Orlando area, which may be as many as 20 degrees below normal tonight, the National Weather Service said. The advisory alerts growers that subfreezing temperatures are imminent and may kill crops or other sensitive vegetation.
H/T Bloomberg

This is no minor event. In addition to biting cold we feel as we walk outside, crops are being harmed and records are being set:
Jacksonville, Florida, may see a record low tonight, Keefe said. The Miami area will see temperatures 12 degrees to 13 degrees below normal for this time of year, Keefe said.

Tonight will be the coldest and offer the greatest danger of crop damage, Keefe said. The next chance for freezing will come next week.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture last month estimated Florida’s orange crop will be 0.7 percent smaller than earlier forecast because adverse weather reduced fruit size.

These conditions are not isolated to the South:
While bitterly cold air grips the Midwest, another shot of extremely cold air is right around the corner. More of the nation's midsection will have to endure the upcoming arctic blast, which will be worsened by fierce biting winds.

A frigid dome of high pressure continues to have a firm grasp on the Midwest this weekend. Temperatures dangerously plummeted down to near -15° in Minneapolis and -35° in International Falls, Minn., early on Sunday morning.

H/T 1-3-2010

Anyone who briefly checks recent weather history in the U.S. and around the world will know how common these conditions are.
update January 4th - also provides the following additional maps

Also, remember the following stories about records in Vermont, China and elsewhere with well below normal temperatures in Europe, India and the midwest the next time we hear the phrase "global warming" mindlessly repeated by followers of socialism.

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