Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Quote of the day - Mark Steyn

The electors have made a bet that we can return to that happy capering playground at the Summit of the Americas where all the great questions have been settled and indulgent governments can subsidize their own anarchists. If 9/11 ultimately revealed America’s self-imposed constraints, November 4th [2008] is already understood as a comprehensive repudiation even of that qualified resolve. Like I said: for America's enemies, that’s useful to know.

Mark Steyn 12-30-08

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Dying man ignored for 6 hours in UK socialized medicine hospital

For those who may be in a hurry to see 2008 end, keep in mind that 2008 might be the last year that we ever enjoyed some semblance of a free health care system. The future is described in this article in the UK Sun about a 37 year old UK man that died while waiting in line to be seen by Great Britain's famous socialized health care system:
He was not admitted until six hours after arriving at the Medway Maritime Hospital in Gillingham, Kent, by which time it was too late.

An infection had taken hold of his heart, liver and kidneys and specialists were unable to treat the disease.

He did not simply die - he died after tremendous, prolonged suffering:
But the railway signalman, 37, was left to die as a deadly virus ravaged his body and one by one his organs collapsed.
The Democrats have been trying to make this nightmare a reality in the U.S. for decades. They will now finally get their chance.


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