Thursday, October 05, 2017

Some things are predictable.

As the days go on in the wake of the Las Vegas massacre, it is becoming a safe bet that two predictions will come true:

(1) Stephen Paddock will officially be known as a lone gunman, despite all of the questions and inconsistencies that exist. There may even be an official report, although I do not think they will be stupid enough to call it the "Warren Report." Numerous conspiracy theories will pop up in response, most of which will be wrong. Part of me wants to say that we will never hear the end of this, but the next massacre will overshadow it - especially if that massacre involves more victims.

(2) Hotels will become as hard to access as airports became in the wake of 9-11. Metals detectors will appear at every entrance. There will be restrictions on what we can take in and out. It is possible that the restrictions will apply only to high-rise hotels near populated areas, but I would not count on it. It is possible also that high-rise hotels will no longer be built with rooms that provide a view to crowded areas. I suppose it will depend on the litigation that emerges in the coming weeks and months.

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