Friday, January 03, 2014

Deadly winter conditions prove the "warmists" wrong once again.

More evidence to disprove "global warming" from the Winter of 2014.

- Steve Czaban discusses frigid temperatures and their effects on football fans.

- AP reports on sub-zero temperatures and at least 9 deaths so far.

- Cancelled flights and -60 wind chill temperatures (USA Today).

- storm conditions in New York (Fox 5).

More from NY -
New York City-area authorities on Thursday urged residents to stay home, ordered highways be shut down and scaled back some mass-transit service as a dangerous snowstorm barreled into the region from the Midwest
from the Wall Street Journal

Update - 1-4-14

The situation will get worse over the next few days.

The temperature predictions are startling: 25 below zero in Fargo, N.D., minus 31 in International Falls, Minn., and 15 below in Indianapolis and Chicago. At those temperatures, exposed skin can get frostbitten in minutes and hypothermia can quickly set in because wind chills could hit 50, 60 or even 70 below zero.
from this morning's AP


- Ice Bowl II (2008), Ice Bowl I (1967) and 1961.

- Winter of 2008

- Winter of 2007

- Winter of 2009 - 2010


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