Friday, January 25, 2008

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Sunday, I wrote about the bitter cold temperatures around the country and their effect on politics, news reporting and pro football games. I specifically mentioned football because we tend to forget weather history unless it is tied to an event - like a major football game:

Football history serves a purpose when sportswriters forget that they are not supposed to talk about cold weather in the recent past, as such talk contradicts the steady drumbeat of propaganda that would have us believe quite a different story.

Every football fan remembers the original Ice Bowl from December 31, 1967. Without the Ice Bowl (or other event by which to remember a bitter winter), we would forget that a major cold spell occurred at that time. We would be left with only vague memories of winters past and MSM/DNC drumbeats about global warming. Each year's bitter weather would fade into the same memory hole as Bill Clinton's sale of nuclear weapon technology to China or Islamic terrorism. I try to write as much as possible about the bitter cold events that we experience so that we will be less susceptible to the propoganda. Major football games are possibly the easiest memory aids for this task.

One such game was played this past weekend, as the Giants beat the Packers for the NFC Championship. The game was played in the same subzero temperatures that plagued much of the nation.

Ice Bowl II - January 20, 2008

This year's game was not quite as cold as the original Ice Bowl -

December 31, 1967 - Ice Bowl

Vince Lombardi and Phil Bengston

- but it was colder than the first time that the Giants and Packers played for the NFL Championship at Lambeau field [a bitter day itself].

December 31, 1961

Ray Nitschke tackles Alex Webster

Ice Bowl II has inspired its own jokes, especially as they relate to the weather conditions. This week, David Letterman issued a new top ten list based on the game.

Late Show Top Ten

Top Ten Things Overheard During the Giants-Packers Game

10. "Here to sing the national anthem, global warming genius Al Gore"
9. "It's minus 3 degrees, but it's a dry cold"
8. "Eli's hands are frozen to the center's ass"
7. "Packers tight end looks suspiciously like a polar bear"
6. "I'm glad I spent the extra money on the fleece-lined cheese hat"
5. "The referees will be officiating the second half from the hotel"
4. "Screw the game, let's keep huddling"
3. "No number 3 -- writer got frostbite in Green Bay"
2. "It's still warmer than the Ed Sullivan Theater"
1. "Is that the temperature or Bush's approval rating?"

None of this is scientific, but it will help us counter the propoganda. Remember these images and jokes as you are reminded to "go green" around your house or office. Advocates of going green want you to believe that the Earth is somehow not cold enough. While we have plenty of evidence to dispute the very concept of global warming, the photos provide the imagery that make it easier to resist the non-stop onslaught by the MSM/DNC.

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