Sunday, December 27, 2009

Quote of the day - Mark Steyn

After you’ve turned citizens into junkies, with government as the pusher, it’s very hard to turn them back again, and even harder to get them to quit (if you’ll forgive the expression) cold turkey. It’s all but impossible in the present Continental political culture. Europe has a psychological investment in longer holidays: the fact that they spell national suicide is less important than that they distinguish Europe from the less enlightened Americans.

Mark Steyn - 12-27-04

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Copenhagen; Worldwide blizzard

Last week's climate summit in Copenhagen is today known as a joke. The delegates could barely meet for the storms and cold that ravaged not only America, but Europe.

But with a little MSM/DNC spin, that summit will soon become "historic." The word "Copenhagen" will soon take on the significance of the word "Kyoto" as a weapon in the global warming scam. Obama will use "Copenhagen" as a justification for tremendous crackdowns on the American economy, as he attempts to further weaken us for the benefit of his allies in China, Venezuela and the Moslem/terrorist world.

I link to the stories of the worldwide winter weather so that we can remember the true context in a few years as the MSM/DNC focuses only on some "agreement" that binds the U.S. to achieve true third world status.

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Climategate; Warmergate; Lessons for the future; the "consensus" v. our own eyes; confessions of a proud "denier"

I now think that "global warming" has been proven to be a hoax, especially in light of the e-mail scandal that has broken in the last few weeks. I no longer think it is something worth debating.

As the scandal expands into a "journalism" scandal in addition to a "scientific" scandal, it will be easy to get lost in the particulars of how the "scientists" managed to perpetrate this hoax for so long and why the MSM/DNC continues to ignore it.

I would like to focus on something else. I would like all of us to be prepared for the next such hoax, as we can bet that even now the left is inventing more hoaxes for the purpose of imposing their totalitarian tyranny. We cannot expect to get lucky again by finding thousands of pages of smoking guns like we did this time. In my case, I have written about global warming for several years. My focus did not depend on a smoking gun or the release of internal documents revealing the truth. I wrote about observable conditions.

I chronicled, storm-by-storm, cold spell-by-cold spell, recent winters and how each such event contradicted the "global warming" mantra. One storm would not be enough to prove anything, but repeated cold events (including record low temperatures), winter after winter (and even in the summer), definitely contradicted the official story.

Here are links to each set of data that I have observed or reported. I have blogged only since 2004, so I have left out much cold weather information from before that time.

Winter of 1987
Storm of the century - 1993
Winter of 1994
Winter of 1996
Winter of 2007
Winter of 2008
Winter of 2009-2010

The point is, in response to vague references to "global warming," I have observed that it is really cold outside. I have made this observation with my own skin. I believed my own observations instead of the propaganda or the polls. The items linked above include also news reports from around the world, not simply in my own immediate environment.

We must learn to trust and remember our own observations instead of polling data, the "consensus" or other spin that the MSM/DNC wants us to believe. We must never be lulled to sleep. When we feel the pain of the biting cold and record low temperatures, we must not be lulled into supporting policies that assume that our observation and experience never happened.

Years from now, as future generations laugh at us for believing that the earth was going to heat up and melt the icebergs, those of us who ignored the "consensus" can proudly say that we were among the "global warming deniers" who were not fooled.


Monday, December 07, 2009

Pearl Harbor 68 year anniversary

Here is a photo of the beginning of the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbor 68 years ago this morning. The photo depicts the plumes of water from torpedoes exploding as they hit U.S. battleships near Ford Island. The plumes in this photo appear to be rising near the West Virginia and the Oklahoma, both of which would sink relatively quickly that morning.

December 7, 1941

The photo was captured from the Japanese at the close of the war. I got it from

Previous - a chilling story on board the West Virginia.

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