Sunday, December 20, 2009

Copenhagen; Worldwide blizzard

Last week's climate summit in Copenhagen is today known as a joke. The delegates could barely meet for the storms and cold that ravaged not only America, but Europe.

But with a little MSM/DNC spin, that summit will soon become "historic." The word "Copenhagen" will soon take on the significance of the word "Kyoto" as a weapon in the global warming scam. Obama will use "Copenhagen" as a justification for tremendous crackdowns on the American economy, as he attempts to further weaken us for the benefit of his allies in China, Venezuela and the Moslem/terrorist world.

I link to the stories of the worldwide winter weather so that we can remember the true context in a few years as the MSM/DNC focuses only on some "agreement" that binds the U.S. to achieve true third world status.

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