Saturday, May 01, 2010

Vera Baker video; Vera Baker pics; Obama sex video will never see daylight; the Obamacare trumpcard.

Don't be too excited about the prospect of another Obama scandal (as reported by the recently more reliable National Enquirer.)

The Enquirer claims that a video tape exists of Obama with Vera Baker at a hotel:
Analyzing the reports, a top DC insider said the driver's account had been independently corroborated by investigators who believe the couple spent the night together at the hotel.

On-site hotel surveillance video camera footage may provide indisputable evidence.

"Investigators are attempting to obtain a tape from the hotel (that) shows Vera and Barack together," the DC insider confided.

"If the tape surfaces, it will explode the scandal."

I am almost certian that no videotape will ever surface. [The MSM/DNC has been sitting on this story for 1.5 years already.] Obama's thugs at SEIU, ACORN, etc. have an easy job if they wish to squelch the video. Assuming they find the person that now holds the video, they need only promise to exempt him from Obamacare.

The creation of Obamacare now gives the regime a weapon like no other. Americans face the loss of their ability to obtain medical treatment under Obamacare. We will all become lost in the new medical bureaucracy, like today's residents of UK and Canada. But for those that the regime exempts from the system, medical care will be available. The passage of Obamacare now gives the regime the opportunity to dole out life and death, simply by exempting its friends from Obamacare's provisions.

Obama sex tape soon to look like this?

A video of Vera Baker with the President would seemingly be quite valuable. Such a video would fetch a high price on the black market. But now, no amount of money could equal a "get out of Obamacare" card. The regime holds the ultimate trumpcard.

Vera Baker

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