Monday, February 01, 2010

Top 12 things that James O'Keefe did not do.

Click here for the James O'Keefe story and my earlier commentary.

Click here for Ben Stein's commentary on James O'Keefe.

We still don't know exactly what O'Keefe is supposed to have done that is illegal. I will add to this story only by listing the top 12 things that O'Keefe did not do:

  1. He did not falsely accuse American soldiers of purposely shooting at journalists.
  2. He did not alter a photo of Condi Rice to make her eyes appear "demonic."
  3. He did not publish a photo of an
    unrelated car to dramatize the aftermath of
    shots fired at an Italian journalist.
  4. He did not falsely report that a Koran
    had been flushed down the toilet, thus touching
    off riots and death across the middle east.
  5. He did not stage a fake canoe ride in 4
    inches of water.
  6. He did not attribute muslim riots in Paris
    to "African-Americans."
  7. He was not forced to resign after being discovered
    inventing characters for columns.
  8. He did not invent the "fake, but accurate" standard.
  9. He did not print analysis of Iraqi
    election results prior to the actual elections.
  10. He did not coach on-air guests to sound angry
    in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.
  11. He did not invent a story about baby seal hunts in Canada.
  12. He did not use fake quotes, interviews and sources, forcing the resignation of his executive editor.

These are only the things that O'Keefe did not do in 2004 and 2005. This list does not include the things O'Keefe has not done since that time. The corresponding people and organizations who actually did these things are listed here (with links). They remain at large:

  1. CNN
  2. USA Today
  3. AP
  4. Newsweek
  5. NBC
  6. CNN
  7. Sacremento Bee
  8. CBS
  9. L.A. Times
  10. CNN
  11. Boston Globe
  12. New York Times


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