Monday, March 07, 2005

Another lie - Sgrena

I knew it had to happen sooner or later. The MSM/DNC has committed an identifiable lie in spinning the story of the shooting of the Italian communist. Until today, the MSM/DNC had been guilty mostly of bias in its reporting. The MSM/DNC had left out key facts, given undue weight to the dubious claims of the communists and failed to report that the "reporter" in fact worked for a Stalinist newspaper.

We have come to expect that type of behavior from the MSM/DNC. But we have also come to expect outright lies, and the MSM/DNC has now done that also. AP has used a photo of a car that had nothing to do with the Italian communist in its story about last weekend's shooting.

"Fake, but accurate?"

AP misidentified the car in its video. Only after LGF found the identical photo in an early February story did the truth come out. The car in the photo was not damaged by soldiers and tells us nothing of what happened over the weekend.

Bias and spin are SOP for the MSM/DNC. But when it is caught misrepresenting its photos, that is a specific verifiable lie.

Click here for the update to the MSM lies of 2005.

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