Sunday, March 06, 2005

Notes from around the blogosphere

As numerous bloggers struggle to save the remnants of western civilization, the least I can do is link to some of them:

Sherri has done tremendous work these past few weeks trying to expose the truth about Terri Schiavo and the circumstances of her condition. Click here for part II of her latest series. (Part I is excellent also.)
The left's absolute faith in euthanasia has caused it to enter into an alliance with a rogue husband whose wife has entered a coma under mysterious circumstances. (And I am being diplomatic.) The left has their "eye on the ball". They are not going to let a few inconvenient facts get it the way of their promotion of state sponsored murder.

David Limbaugh posts his thoughts on Robert Byrd.

Wizbang laments that our forces could not kill a communist journalist despite firing 300 to 400 rounds into her car.

Michelle Malkin covers the NYT's whitewash of the government's attempt to regulate bloggers.

The Accidental Harpist recounts one of Dan Rather's early falsehoods.

And not least importantly, I struggle with various phrases to identify the leftist political machine that has all of us in its crosshairs.

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