Monday, February 28, 2005

1989 all over again??

With the recent changes in Lebanon, I got the impression that we were seeing a repeat of Eastern Europe's domino transformation in late 1989. One country after another is enjoying elections or at least the serious potential for democratic reform. This impression is even stronger coming on the heels of the proposed changes in Egypt.

I think it is too early to celebrate, but we must recognize the potential. No matter how far these reforms go, we are seeing the most far reaching changes in middle eastern government since the fall of the Ottoman Empire 80 years ago.

But we should not let the potential for democratic reform blind us to the threat from continued immigration from Islamic countries into the USA. Regardless of whether certain governments change their internal policies and allow some freedom, the goal of Islam remains the same. The U.S. will remain under constant pressure from within as long as we allow open borders. Europe is a prime example.

The war must be fought on ALL fronts, both at home and abroad.

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