Saturday, February 19, 2005

The Watergate feeding frenzy continues - fake, but accurate

I posted earlier that a MSM/DNC news feeding frenzy would soon erupt (the Watergate eruption hasn't really stopped in over 30 years - this is just more lava) over the identity of "Deep Throat".

A discussion has taken place on Fox's "Studio B" to the effect that Deep Throat may have been a fictional composite of many people. In other words - there may have been no "Deep Throat". Even though Deep Throat did not exist, the reports attributed to him were nevertheless accurate - the experts say. (?!!?) I won't get bogged down in the details. Those details are posted at Johnny Dollar's Place.

The danger here is that the "Fake, but accurate" standard introduced by CBS during Rathergate may be taking hold. As numerous MSM/DNC scandals emerge over the dishonesty of past and present reports, "fake, but accurate" will emerge as a last line of defense for the MSM/DNC. In this case, the "fake, but accurate" argument went unchallenged.

Don't think of this as some kind of fun mystery regarding the identity of "Deep throat." Think of it as (1) MSM/DNC's attempt to keep alive its glory days and (2) an opportunity to examine how MSM/DNC operated in the days before it was scrutinized by the blogosphere and talk radio.

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