Sunday, February 13, 2005


Listening to the Today show this morning (I really must stop doing that!) it occured to me that bloggers don't write much about economic issues (or non security related domestic issues) very much. The blogosphere has done an excellent job of sharing information and rallying the troops when it comes to:
1) foreign policy/war/terror/Islam/UN
2) politics/elections/election fraud
3) media issues/ Rathergate/ Easongate
4) cultural/social/family issues

But the blogs generally write little about domestic agenda battles, such as government redistribution of wealth/social security/federal spending/deficits. In many ways, we are yielding a great deal of territory to the MSM/DNC. This thought came to me as the Today show shills were presenting (what else?) the latest polls showing that Bush has little support (so far) for his social security proposals. The MSM/DNC is acting like it always has, and we are not responding. I had visions of the 1980's as I listened to the drone of nonsense from the TV.

We can do better than this. If bloggers started talking about the SS crisis, the news would spread to the rest of the country. We don't necessarily need to support Bush' proposal, but we need to start a meaningful discussion of the issue.

At the same time, we need to discuss the real consequences of government wealth redistribution. We need to discuss the dangers of a government takeover of the health care industry. We need to discuss the dangers of big government in general. These issues could be winning issues for Republicans, but we act as if we need only talk about the war. Conservatism is on the right side on all of these domestic issues. Despite this seeming advantage, polls (!?) repeatedly show that most voters place more confidence in Democrats to handle domestic issues. That is true only because we have ceded the playing field in that area.

The real pioneers of the revolution that we now enjoy spoke and wrote deeply of the danger of government growth, government spending and wealth redistribution. Goldwater, Reagan, Gingrich and even Rush Limbaugh seemed and seem to operate on a deeper level than most modern conservatives. They would not have ignited today's conservative movement by speaking only of the more juicy foreign policy issues and the ongoing media bias. They presented (and present) a real alternative, especially on domestic issues.

It is easy to focus only on the widespread examples of Democrat voter fraud or on the latest MSM/DNC outrage. But the deeper issues drive the day-to-day issues. The "index of leading economic indicators" is less important than the government policies that lead millions of Americans to government dependence and, therefore, to vote for the Democrats.

I am not trying to be critical of today's bloggers, I am merely trying to encourage everyone to open up the domestic agenda debate. Here are some posts of mine that try to do just that.

Here are some links to some of the better known blogs. Their posts are important, well-written and timely, but the fact remains that we are leaving our flank open on domestic issues.

I do this for the purpose of (1) illustrating the discussions going on in the blogosphere today and (2) shamelessly trying to attract traffic here so that someone might read this post and start talking about economic issues.

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