Tuesday, February 01, 2005

As if we needed another example . . . .

As if to prove my point about referring to DNC/MSM as a singular noun, a Dean contributor has written an article for the Minneapolis Star containing false allegations about Powerline. Just like the rest of the MSM/DNC, this "reporter" did not reveal her political affiliations and pretended to be a real journalist.

Actually, this item is only the latest in a series of outrageous items that have appeared in the Minneapolis Star attacking Powerline. My own theory is that the MSM/DNC is collecting ammunition so that the next time Powerline exposes a Rathergate, the MSM/DNC can try to dismiss Powerline as a blog "that has been repeatedly researched and discredited by their local newspaper." It won't matter that the stories are admittedly false. By the time MSM/DNC launches its full assault on Powerline, those false stories will have aged and will form the mosaic of history that DNC/MSM will try to rely on. Old habits die hard.
BTW, I know I am probably not using the Star's complete name. I just don't feel their full name is worth researching. They should get a blog, get some balance and get a clue. Then maybe I will learn their full name. Their article is worth commenting on only to make a point about the MSM/DNC as a whole.

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