Sunday, January 30, 2005

Kerry makes one true statement.

I am really tired of and bored with John Kerry. Big Trunk at Powerline deserves credit for having the patience and endurance to listen to Kerry this morning on Meet the Press. But thanks to Trunk, we now are aware of one true statement that Kerry has made:

But, you know, there's a new communication structure in America.

Ten words of truth buried in an interview full of slander, spin, excuses and once-and-future-broken promises to sign form 180. Despite the spin surrounding that statement, it is telling when even someone as mainstream as John Kerry is forced to admit the relevance of the New Media.

Wizbang posts a blurb about Senator Thune acquainting Senators with the blogosphere.

I predict that these kind of "firsts" will no longer be newsworthy in a year. The new media will soon no longer be "new." These references are barely newsworthy now.

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