Friday, January 14, 2005

A spontaneous random unspoken coordinated effort

I have written extensively about the Democrats' nationwide effort to stuff the ballot boxes during the past election. These efforts took place in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Washington and elsewhere.

Powerline this week provides a warning:
Electoral fraud. It is a grave and growing threat to our democracy. Major elections have turned on it, and it is only a matter of time until voter fraud precipitates a constitutional crisis.

Powerline quotes Sound Politics for its description of Distributed Vote Fraud [emphasis added]:
While doing the previous post, I ran across this very clear example of what I have begun to call distributed vote fraud. The New York Daily News found last August that 46,000 people were registered to vote in both Florida and New York. Of those 46,000, 68 percent were Democrats, 12 percent were Republicans, and 16 percent were neither. (And no, the newspaper does not explain why the numbers don't add up to 100 percent.)

No Democratic party leader organized these voters — at least as far as I know. Instead, they decided, by themselves, perhaps after talking with friends, to vote twice. And, just as I argued below, far more Democrats than Republicans decided, on their own, to commit vote fraud.

Anyone want to guess how many fraudulent votes Al Gore received in the 2000 election from this group?

[Sound Politics is quite possibly correct. We don't know of any national Democratic leader that encouraged voters to register and vote in two different states - although I think it is clear that the Democrat political machines are responsible at the local level for the Washington state fiasco, Philadelphia's 104% registration total, the Ohio ballot box stuffing attempts. apparently has ties to the Iowa fraud, etc. It is important to point out that much of the fraud involved more than mere dual registration. Much of the 2004 fraud involved phony registration of nonexistent individuals, illegal aliens and terrorists. Other examples involved identity theft from institutionalized senior citizens. These efforts involved more than mere spontaneous action from dishonest individuals. It takes time and effort to organize that kind of fraud.]

But for those voters that simply registered themselves twice without direct help from the DNC/MSM, there is an additional explanation that we need to address. All of us express surprise at every wierd moonbat action that the Dems continue to take, such as Barbara Boxer's recent actions in the Senate, anything that Howard Dean might do, John Kerry's kowtowing to terrorist supporters in the mideast, MSM continuing attempts to justify the forged Bush documents, etc. These actions aren't designed to broaden the DNC/MSM base. These actions are designed to rally those leftist voters who might go to extremes on their own when sufficiently egged on by petulant DNC/MSM outbursts. The DNC/MSM doesn't need a majority. It needs only a few crazy followers willing to commit violence, fraud and intimidation in order to accomplish its goals.

What are those goals? I will repeat my comment from several earlier posts:
Just as the terrorists in Iraq are content to kill a few people at a time for the sake of preventing an election, the leftists are content to undermine such elections as they can in this country for the sake of undermining the entire democratic process. Once the voters are thoroughly demoralized, the left can go back to ruling the nation through unelected leftist judges, bureaucrats and the back rooms of the New York Times.

The constitutional crisis that Powerline warns of is upon us. It is moving in slow motion, but it is here.

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