Wednesday, October 27, 2004

More Pennsylvania voter fraud - senior citizen identity theft

The Delco Times is reporting that roughly 60 Delaware County, PA registration applications have recently been identified by the D.A. as forged.

These applications contained forged signatures of nursing home residents. Not content merely to forge their signatures, the perpretators have entered nursing homes without authorization in order to obtain information:

"It has come to my attention that some voter-advocacy groups have attempted to enter nursing homes without the approval of the nursing home administration and without following the established secure entry guidelines," said District Attorney Green.

He lashed out at members of the groups that request personal identifying information, such as Social Security numbers from seniors. He said such information could lend itself to identity theft and other forms of economic crimes. "Although voters who are voting in their precincts for the first time will be required to show identifications, seniors and residents of nursing homes should know that no official from the county of Delaware or from any election board will be taking away their identifications. Identifications should not leave their possession and no third party should ask to take your identification on the basis that that person will be helping you to vote."

Welcome to the brave new world. As you or your parents try to lead a comfortable life in a nursing home, predators try to steal their identity for the purpose of electing John Kerry.

Is it any wonder that new registrations have run 2 to 1 Democrat in Delaware County?


The Director of Elections in Berks County, PA charged election fraud earlier this month. The Director pointed out numerous voter registration drives that relied on false information. The Director believes there is an attempt not merely to sway the election to one side, but to undermine the entire process by flooding the registration office with fraudulent information.

ACORN is at the center of the controversy. Check out Digital Brown Pajamas for a summary of ACORN activity around the country on behalf of Democrats.

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