Tuesday, October 26, 2004

October Surprise - the continuing saga

For those who haven't seen it, NBC News has discredited the NY Times/Democratic Party October Surprise.

Don't celebrate yet.

1) The Kerry campaign continues to use the story as gospel truth.

2) There is more "October Surprise" to come.

Remind your e-mail lists and readers that the first story was discredited. Circulate the Drudge link. Tell everyone to expect more lies. We won't have time to discredit the next story - as it might come out on Thursday or Friday. It will take several days to fully circulate the truth about yesterday's story.

UPDATE - midday Tuesday

CBS' plan was to unleash the now discredited weapons cache' story on Sunday night - October 31st. So, why didn't they wait? Why did the MSM show its hand? There are three possibilities:

1) MSM had to blunt the Kerry - UN Security Council story that was set to break Monday morning (10/25) after a weekend of blogosphere buzz. In other words, Powerline and Washington Times forced the MSM's hand.

2) There is more of the October Surprise BS to come.

3) Intra-MSM competition forced the MSM's hand, as they could not risk losing ground to each other in the competition over the dwindling MSM audience.

The answer is yes. All three of these factors played into the early release of the NY Times' hit piece.

We can discuss number 3 at length after the election.

Based on Number (2), we are still in danger. Number (1) points to the solution. Force their hand. Explore this story as thoroughly as we explored Rathergate in September. Beat it to death over the next three days. And then go back and beat it some more. By the time the MSM launches the rest of its October Surprise, maybe the voters will have been jaded to the MSM tricks and sleaze.

Remember, it won't be a surprise if we can preempt it.


The Kerry campaign doesn't get it yet.

Make sure the voters do. The blogosphere has been pounding at this all day. Keep pounding. Tell your friends, e-mail everyone you know. Preempt the commercial.

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