Sunday, October 24, 2004

Colorado electoral vote referendum

Support for a Colorado referendum that would divide up Colorado's electoral votes and eviscerate Colorado's national influence is falling. This is good news. See my previous post on this point.

In an unrelated article, The Las Vegas Review Journal hints at the reasons for maintaining the electoral system:

Two to 4 percent of the populace will indeed decide this election, which looks close as to the popular vote. But frankly, I doubt the Electoral College vote will look that close -- precisely because the Electoral College was designed to protect small rural states from having our national elections decided in a few corrupt urban cesspools.

The article is a worthwhile read, even if we don't agree with everything it says.

Even if the Colorado referendum fails, the electoral college still is not safe from leftist attack. It merits our defense in the coming years. And maybe even in the coming days. I can recall in November 2000 that the Dems were trying to find a Bush elector that could be bribed or blackmailed into changing his vote. When the electoral race ended up being very close, Larry Flynt swung into action. The same thing might happen this time.

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