Saturday, October 23, 2004

Too many for me to keep track of.

In Columbus Ohio, officials are reviewing hundreds of cases of election fraud. Officials are reviewing "stacks of voter registration applications."

One example from the above link is the case of the illegal alien Somali terrorist who is now registered to vote in Ohio.

And you might recognize the name of Nuradin Abdi. He’s a native of Somalia charged with plotting to blow up a Columbus mall.

"As far as board of elections is concerned, Abdi is a registered voter," board of elections director Matt Damschroeder said.

Digital Brown Pajamas asks, "did the board of elections send him the registration before or after they busted him as a terrorist."

What we don't need to ask is, "Who is Nuradin Abdi voting for?" The answer is obvious. The real question is, why do nearly half of the voters agree with him? More on that later.

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