Sunday, October 17, 2004

Voting fraud in Florida

Drudge carries a report that the DNC has instructed its volunteers to pick up and personally deliver absentee ballots from voters to the supervisor of elections. Such practice is illegal. The practice invites the DNC operatives to create or invent ballots, forge ballots, alter ballots, etc.

Meanwhile, The Pickle has provided a good summary of the fraud and intimidation that has taken place thus far.

The RNC has threatened to file suit over the latest Florida controversy. I think one possible scenario is that Democrats will emerge on election eve with the most votes (electoral and popular) and it will be up to Republicans to file numerous suits to reverse the fraudulent results.

That is why we should not refer to the Democrats as "whiners." They are not whining, they are attempting to suppress legitimate votes, create fraudulent votes, and generally undermine the Democratic process. If we can stop them in court, we should. We should also be prepared to be accused of whining, if necessary.

We should be prepared for the election process to continue through December. Don't get disheartened by the returns on November 2 - whatever they might be.

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