Friday, October 15, 2004

DNC preemption

The Republicans and conservatives have done a good job in publicizing the Democrats' plans to make false charges of "intimidation." But I think they are underestimating the seriousness of the situation.

In a very short time, headlines across the county will contain stories repeating the DNC's charges of intimidation on a local level. This will occur in MANY different localities.

At the same time, the Kerry/Edwards campaign is planning lawsuits in 10 to 15 states. The legal teams are already in place. Imagine ten lawsuits coupled with cries of voter fraud and intimidation all over the country. Imagine seeing this while knowing that the Democrats are the real source of actual voter fraud in many places, including Ohio, Wisconsin, Colorado, Nevada, Florida, Pennsylvania, etc. November and December will constitute a shoutfest between both sides as to who the real cheaters are. Facts will be lost in the avalanche. The average voter will not know the difference between good and evil.

Some of the conservatives are referring to the Democrats as whiners, and accusing the Democrats of preemptive whining. This accusation trivializes the DNC strategy. The DNC is not simply whining. They are trying to achieve something more far-reaching and devastating to the electoral process. This type of battle will destroy the average American's incentive to take an interest in politics. The average American will become disenfranchised.

Our only option is to publicize this strategy often in as stark terms as possible.

We should say that Democrats are already planning this year's Florida battle. Slogan's like, "The 2000 Florida chad battle, coming to a town near you," will brace the voters for the coming fight.

The DNC tactics are the type that can be ruined if they are exposed beforehand. If the voters are expecting charges of fraud and intimidation, those charges will seem stale by November 3rd.

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