Saturday, October 16, 2004

Flu vaccine violence update

I hesitated to use the headline in the previous post regarding flu vaccine violence. I was afraid to come across as dramatic or to exaggerate a few isolated incidents.

In fact, the trend is growing and the effects of the de facto government price controls are being felt nationwide.

Virginians are camping out overnight to receive the vaccine.

Officials in Michigan, Massachusetts, New Mexico, and D.C. have ordered prosecution of any health care provide that vaccinates a non - "low risk" person.

This news follows earlier reports in the Washington Times and elsewhere of vaccines being stolen and possibly sold on the black market.

All the while, government officials insist that this is "not rationing".

With all due respect, YES IT IS. The government's desire to hand out cheap vaccines at below market rates has caused this crisis. Michelle Malkin warns that this crisis could cause more deaths nationwide than 9/11.

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