Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Ohio voter fraud - part II

It appears that maybe there aren't as many legitimate new registrations as the DNC would have us believe. The Cincinatti Enquirer reports that "thousands" of new registration cards have been returned by the post office because the addresses are invalid.
These cards have been returned throughout the state.

The registration cards are obviously phony, as a legitimate applicant's address would not have changed in such a short time.

I would expect that individuals will show up at the polls seeking to vote on election day using the names of those whose cards have been returned. These people will have already voted under their real names elsewhere. They will claim to have forgotten their card or ID. They may demand "provisional" ballots. They will claim "intimidation" if election officials don't let them vote. Democratic election officials will let them vote even though they do not qualify.

This election will be a MESS. Ohio is shaping up as this year's Florida.

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