Monday, October 25, 2004

The October Surprise?

Was this it? Was the New York Times' rehash of the missing explosives story the Dems' "October Surprise?" It seems that they could do better than a story about 300 tons of missing explosives when the U.S. has found and destroyed 2 million tons in the past year and a half in many hidden locations.

The answer is yes. This story IS part of the Dems' October surprise and they CAN and WILL do better. If the MSM is going to rehash every old story like it is "news", they can come up with plenty of material from the last year and a half in Iraq. They will do plenty of that in the next week. And they will be supported by plenty of fresh bombings by the terrorists in Iraq. The terrorists and the MSM will supply the news - Kerry will supply the B.S. Our soldiers will be cannon fodder for the Dems' spin machine.

We have been talking about an October surprise for months. This is an old tactic that will wear thin if we expose it for what it is. Remember Caspar Weinberger in 1992. Remind your readers, friends and neighbors of the October surprise strategy. It is not a surprise if they expect it. Get them to expect more of it this week.

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