Sunday, December 26, 2004

Top outrages of election 2004

This post may seem a little late, but I have been working on it for a while. It is important for us to review this information periodically, especially when the next election comes around.

There is no new information in this post, but it is important to summarize the outrages of the 2004 election so that we have them in one place (in no particular order).

(1) The 911 commission.

(2) The media blackout/smear campaign against the Swift Boat Vets.

(3) CBS forgery gate - for Powerline's coverage of this story, click here, here, here, here - referring to "the mainstream media's frantic effort to drag John Kerry over the finish line", here, here, here, here - [Democrat attempts to benefit from the forged documents], here - [evidence of Kerry campaign involvement], here, here - "the race is over", here - reward offered, here, here, here, here, here, here, here - CBS and suicide bombers, here, here, here, here

for Little Green Football's coverage - click here, here, here - 12 hour scandal, here - Killian's son, here, here, here, here, here, here, here - alternating GIF, here, here- another experiment, here - nonexistent campaign?, here - LA Times - blogs are major players, here, here - another expert, here - index, here - reward update, here - DNC video link, here - Frank Abagnale, here - left wing finger pointing, here - Fake, But Accurate, here, here - Europe, here - a real memo, here - NYT smear, here - Kinko's, here - Burkett/Cleland, and here

Mark Steyn's column - here

(4) AP false claims of booing at Bush rally in response to Bush' well wishes for Bill Clinton.

(5) The October Surprise(s)

part 1 - Al Qaqaa. Check also Drudge here and here.

part 2 - Osama tape - leftists attempt to capitalize. The Batman Effect prevented it from working. See Powerline also.

part 3 - phony exit polls. Click here also.

(6) election/vote fraud, including continuing fraud in Washington State.

In summary, we should ignore polls, anticipate last minute DNC/MSM surprises, expect smear campaigns against those who tell the truth, expect outright fraud from the MSM, expect continued vote fraud and remain wary of anything labeled "bipartisan."

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