Tuesday, December 21, 2004

The Iraqi attacks are not surprises

The attacks in Iraq this week should not come as surprises. We should be preparing our readers for more of the same. Many of us have already done this. Here is a quote of mine from October 25th 2004 (in the context of the Dems' October surprise):
One scenario is more than a mere possibility, it is nearly certain to occur. The terrorists will step up their attacks in Iraq this week. We should prepare for simultaneous, massive car bombs, suicide bombs and other similar attacks throughout Iraq. We must prepare for many U.S. casualties, and massive Iraqi military losses. We should warn of this now, so that we will not be viewed as having presented too rosy a picture. The Dems will accuse us of having been asleep, overly optimistic, etc. Only if we come out with warnings, will we diffuse this attack.

The context is a little different, but the point is still the same. The Iraqi terrorists are stepping up their attacks to disrupt their own election instead of ours. We predicted a very similar scenario and we should remind everyone of these predictions so that the left cannot now paint us as optimists or worse.

Remember also this post from October 30, 2004. As we read of more American casualties in advance of next month's Iraqi elections, remember that the terrorists supported John Kerry.
Wednesday update

Powerline has the right idea of how to respond and what is really at stake.

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