Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Notes from around the blogosphere

The truth is, I am posting a summary of notes from other blogs only as an excuse to brag about being put on trial by the Commissar.

Little Green Footballs posts the story of how terrorists can be put on the defensive by those who show the will to fight. Now lets finish the job.

Sherri has been running a "Victim or Victory" series this week. Her posts bring global issues down to a personal level. Check it out.

Sue Bob shows that it pays to be consistent when dealing with philanderers.

The Captain laments continued Democrat fixation on creating an election fraud myth for Ohio. See also yesterday's post here.

Michelle Malkin laments the dress code for air marshalls that lets terrorists know who to kill first.

I guess the point is, dealing with terrorists is much like dealing with personal issues and Democrats.

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