Sunday, December 12, 2004

Posts from around the web

The following are some highlights from around the web today:

Little Green Footballs writes about the latest Palestinian election campaigning as well as the islamic view of non-muslims. The muslim leadership views non-muslims as the enemy. We are all apostates who must be persecuted or killed, according to the muslim purists. Thus, the continued bombings and killings.

California Yankee reminds us of some history regarding past PLO support for Saddam Hussein - (no terrorist connection there!).

Belmont Club posts advice for gun control victims in England regarding how they should deal with home invaders - "active passivity." It sounds eerily similar to the way in which leftists would like the U.S. to deal with Islamic terror.

Speaking of gun control, Ayn Clouter provides an alternative reason for Kerik's withdrawal from consideration.

Speaking of the next presidential election (see Ayn Clouter's link) Cold Beveridge comments on Peg Noonan's analysis of Hillary Clinton's strategy for the next four years.

Speaking of communism, The Commissar posts another show trial.

Right Wing Sparkle posts her analysis of what really motivates the left.

Michele from New York posts her thoughts on dealing with Christmas the past few years while the memories of loved ones lost in the Towers is still fresh.

On a very frivolous note, please vote for me in the Weblog awards. I am running neck-in-neck for 8th place in my category. Voting ends today. Thanks.

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