Thursday, December 09, 2004

Ventriloquist journalism

Drudge reports today that a soldier or soldiers in Iraq were fed question(s) from a reporter so that he could ask those questions of Rumsfeld. The MSM then reported that soldiers grilled Rumsfeld.

This bit of ventriloquism would be fine if those questions would be reported as coming from a reporter. Instead, they are reported as coming from a soldier so as to lend credibility to the MSM's attempt to undermine the war effort.

The MSM is very talented in the art of ventriloquist journalism. Get others to repeat the MSM line, while pretending that the MSM had nothing to do with it. Because no one trusts the MSM press, the MSM must find a soldier willing to repeat MSM lines.

Meanwhile, CBS reports that bloggers are really paid functionaries of the Republicans and must be regulated. CBS cites as proof of this allegation two bloggers in South Dakota that supported Senator Thune. While not mentioned by name, the real targets of this hit piece were the nationally known bloggers that destroyed Dan Rather and 60 minutes.

The irony of this hit piece was that CBS tried to enlist the services of left wing bloggers to publicize their show.

It is amazing that CBS would sink to new depths of shamelessness despite increased scrutiny from the new media. In the old days, this type of dishonesty would be understandable, as there was no one who could expose the truth. But for CBS to act so blatantly today under the microscope of the very blogosphere that it attacks speaks volumes.

I am not sure what to make of this new blatancy, but it is important to understand. If I were to speculate, I would guess that CBS and MSM know that they have lost a large portion of the country and are trying to rally and hold onto the remaining faithful. A misinformed, bitter and hateful minority can serve the MSM better than a well informed general population.

To those of us who can remember what happened yesterday and who are not willingly deluded, the MSM, every day, takes on more of the appearance of a homeless psychotic ranting on the street corner. They truly do not get it. They do not understand that they are one of the last bastions of a dying establishment. They will cling to a heroic self-image and their inflated egos until their dying day. Today's events reminded me of the obituary of Mary McGrory:
She did not mince words, and her clear-thinking prose was nigh-legendary. She was, former New York Times columnist Russell Baker told the Post, "a pioneering force in today's tell-it-like-it is, show-them-no-mercy journalism."

Tell-it-like-it-is !!!!!!???????

There are not enough drugs in the world to produce this hallucination. It often takes an obituary of one of their own for the rest of us to be reminded of how truly self-deluded the MSM is.

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