Saturday, December 11, 2004

Impeach Mineta

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Michelle Malkin has posted an excellent summary of posts and commentary from those who want to see Norman Mineta gone.

There is one additional commentary of note from an early 2002 Ann Coulter column.
Let the record reflect that among President George Bush's dazzling team of advisers, the only stink-bomb is the one Democratic holdover from the Clinton administration. It is absolutely contemptible that Bush will not rid us of this scourge.

Coulter quotes from a Sixty Minutes interview with Mineta and Steve Kroft:
Kroft noted that of 22 people on the most-wanted list right now: "(A)ll but one of them has complexion listed as olive. They all have dark hair and brown eyes. And more than half of them have the name Mohammed." (They are also all males in their 20s and 30s.) Thus, he asked Mineta if such people should be subjected to a little extra scrutiny. "No," Mineta responded, "not just on that basis alone."

Other more important factors, Mineta explained, included asking "things like, 'Did you pay cash for this ticket or charge it on a credit card? Do you have a one-way ticket or a round-trip?'"

Inasmuch as this was Steve Kroft and not Diane Sawyer conducting the interview, there was a relevant follow-up question: "Did the terrorists who flew into the World Trade Center have one-way tickets?" No, Mineta admitted, the Sept. 11 hijackers all had round-trip tickets they bought with credit cards.

Ann's conclusion is excellent also.

Lives are at stake. Spread this one around. If we create enough stink over the next few months, maybe we can be rid of Mineta or, at least, create a record that will allow us to lay the blame for the next terrorist attack at the feet of PC politics.

Swanky Conservative agrees and has offered dinner to Michelle Malkin if she wears the bumper sticker on her forehead on her next TV appearance.

BlogoSFERICS, House of the Dog, Kellipundit and Wuzzadem agree. Wuzzadem includes a transcript of his "conversation" with Mineta.

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