Friday, December 10, 2004

An apology to ventriloquists everywhere

My previous post accused the MSM of "ventriloquist journalism".

The comparison has offended a ventriloquist.

I hereby apologize to all ventriloquists for placing them in the same category as MSM journalists.

A good ventriloquist will never let you see his mouth move. But the MSM's ventriloquist act gets more obvious every day.

On a serious note, I don't disagree completely with the points made by the moderate voice. The armor may well need to be upgraded. But the MSM's approach is completely wrong. If the MSM really wanted to prevent the military from being degraded, it would have spoken up during the Clinton years when the military was being neglected. It is wrong for the MSM to enable Clinton and then snipe at W over items that Clinton neglected.

My goal here is to clean up the MSM and further the new media revolution. I will need to point out MSM hypocrisy and tactics in order to accomplish those goals.

We can survive as a nation longer with a fair and unbiased media and less armor than we can with an establishment-captive media and better armor in our Humvees.

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