Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Ukraine and U.S. - Dick Morris interview

I heard Dick Morris on Hannity's radio program this evening. He spoke about his role in the Ukrainian election. Morris worked for Yuschenko (the good guy).

One of his techniques was to publish exit polls showing a huge lead for Yuschenko as the polls closed. This brought Yuschenko's supporters into the streets in celebration. The celebrations made it easier to organize protests when the government tried to rig the election in favor of Yuschenko's opponent.

Morris asserts that his exit polls were legitimate as opposed to the phony exit polls in this country. But Morris' story brings to mind another explanation for the phony exit polls. The exit polls created an expectation in the minds of the left. When that expectation was not met, the left immediately cried foul. Even today, moonbat theories circulate regarding imaginary fraud and cheating. The left's base remains energized and ready to fight. Republican charges of fraud and tampering are lost in the noise.

Compare this explanation with the explanation I volunteered shortly after election day.

Keep this in mind also as we observe the conclusion of the Washington gubernatorial recount. The left will stop at nothing to steal an election. Phony exit polls won't help them in this situation, but they have plenty of other tactics. Hat tip to the Captain and Digital Brown Pajamas on the Washington story.

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