Wednesday, November 03, 2004

It looks like we dodged a bullet . . . .

. . . . but there is still a gun pointed at our heads. And I am not referring to the foreign terrorists. This country's election process is in danger of being destroyed. The Democrats almost stole this election (and are still trying to do just that in court in Ohio). We must not only dispatch Kerry's Ohio challenge, but we must repair the damage that MSM,, Moore, unions, Dems, etc. have done to the process itself. We have much work to do over the next four years.

A good place to start would be to take a no-more-"Mr. Niceguy" approach to election fraud. Election fraud is a crime and we must treat it that way. Those who submitted false registrations must be prosecuted - and those prosecutions must be publicized. The administration and local officials should begin by investigating and prosecuting offenders in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. These cases will blunt any public relations headway that Kerry makes with his Ohio court challenges. I am sure that late night comedians, MSM mouthpieces and others are eager to rehash the same slogans from Florida 2000 and apply them to Ohio 2004. Prosecutions and investigations into actual Democrat fraud in states that we lost will counter the MSM trend. We tried to be classy after 2000 and all we got for our class was an enraged opposition that remains more convinced than ever that Bush somehow "stole" the election. Let's throw their own theft in their faces and see how indignant they remain.

Digital Brown Pajamas makes a good point about how important it is to build on the work we have already done this year:

Well, get ready to counter the fraud charges.
That's one of the reasons that sites like this one have
been cataloging these things
Also, hat tip to all of those who predicted where the Dems' voter fraud would take us, particularly Michele.

Remember also that Kerry has a friendly judge in his pocket in Ohio. Higher courts may have to reverse her rulings, as they have done several times this year. Get ready for chants of "selected, not elected."

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