Saturday, October 30, 2004

The Second half of the October Surprise

The Dems launched round 2 of the October Surprise on Friday night.

Captain's Quarters summarizes the Democrats' attempts to capitalize on Osama Bin Laden's taped statement. Also check out Truth Laid Bear - The Batman Effect.

Just as Monday's October Surprise blew up in the Democrats' face, they now view Osama Bin Laden as riding to their rescue. Commentators will be on TV all weekend second guessing the administration and reinterpreting the entire war and the post 9-11 period.

Our strategy is simple. Identify the Democrats' game. The Democrats need Osama Bin Laden alive and well. We must point out that the Democrats and their media allies are depending on a resurgent Bin Laden to rescue their campaign.

The choice is clear. Choose the man who has crushed the Taliban, killed and captured Bin Laden's associates and relegated him to a life on the run where he could make only one video in three years.

Or - choose the man who would use Bin Laden as an unwitting ally to undermine our foreign policy, our war effort and our nation. The castle is under seige while the Dems set fire to our defenses. In the end, they hope to rule the ashes.


Saturday morning update.

Powerline says it best.
Osama needs us to vote for Kerry. It is just a shame that Kerry has taken the bait.

Keep your response simple and limited to short blurbs like Powerline. The remaining news cycles are too short for anything else to work.

Michele from New York expresses it well also when she describes her pro-Bush vote as her "rude gesture" toward Osama.

Jawa also does a good job.

Ted Koppel (!) said it well last night when he implored Americans not to let Osama "mess with our heads." Our message must be that a vote for Kerry based on Kerry's Osama-response would be doing JUST THAT. To abandon George Bush just because Osama is still alive (especially after Bush predicted a long war in September, 2001) would be letting Osama mess with our heads.

---------- Mid-morning Saturday update ------------

There are too many blogs that "get it" for me to cover them all.

Right on Red nails it in TWO PARAGRAPHS:
In other words, I would not sleep well tonight if bin Laden had called Kerry a flip-flopper who lies about Cambodia and wants to pass a global test.

I don’t know if Michael Moore fans pause when they hear their own propaganda repeated approvingly by a genocidal maniac.

Yeah . . . What HE said.

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