Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The Iraqi-Syria-Russia connection and the October Surprise

This news item will circulate throughout the blogosphere on Thursday. I do not plan to discuss the details. Others will analyze the details tonight and tomorrow.

Our immediate objective is to plan our attack. The Kerry/Edwards/Abu Jalal ticket is planning to use this story to attack Bush, as incredible as that may seem. Nothing is beyond their shamelessness. They will blame Bush because he didn't get Russia into our coalition in the first place. Kerry, with his global test, would have had made sure that we had the full support of the Russians.

We have to make the point early and often that this story:

1) Demolishes the Democrats' October Surprise even more than before.

2) Demonstrates Russia's complicity with Iraq (so much for the global test and relying on allies to protect us and carry the burden).

3) Shows Kerry's poor judgment and desparation for shooting his mouth off before he knew the facts.

4) Shows that if we pull out too soon, all of these weapons will come back into Iraq.

This story will have to carry us through the week. We can use it to drown out the rest of the Democrats' October Surprise, whatever it might be. We won't win anything unless we push this story to the max.

---------------- Thursday mid-day update

Truth Laid Bear has a good, detailed, update. But remember, keep it simple. The simple truth is the best defense against the Dems' October Surprise.

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