Thursday, October 28, 2004

How we can win - a pessimist's view

The blogosphere and entire internet have really come to life this week. Maybe it is just my computer, but I find my favorite pages slow to load and often out of commission due to heavy traffic. The blogosphere has pre-empted the first installment of the Dems' October Surprise and shouted down the Dems' BS.

Provided that Al Qaeda does not destroy the country, we may have cause for celebration soon.

The biggest identifiable obstacle we face is massive voter fraud on election day. Four Ohio counties have more registered voters than actual people. The same is true in Philadelphia. Major registration fraud is under investigation in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida and elsewhere by local officials.

Registration offices around the country complain of new registrations that threaten to overwhelm those offices with their volume. The new registrations render the polling data almost meaningless.

It won't matter that we have "beat" the old media if the Democrats steal the election through fraud. After we finish preempting the Dems' October Surprise, we must fight the fraud.

I suggest that the Republicans be prepared to file their own lawsuits and initiate criminal prosecutions on election day and beyond. We may find ourselves behind in the "official" votes tallies because of all of the Democrat fake votes. If that is the case, we must be prepared to win in court. Don't spend the next 5 days hoping it will be over soon. It will not be over until Kerry concedes.

Enough crimes have been committed that a coordinated litigation and prosecution effort might reveal the extent to which the Democratic fraud efforts have been coordinated. If only a few of the perpretators "squeal", it might bring down part of the Democratic party leadership in addition to rectifying the election. We must lay the groundwork for this prosecution and litigation not merely by pointing out the fraud, but by also repeatedly advocating prosecution and litigation over the next five days. Prepare the public for the only weapon we might have at our disposal when Kerry begins to announce his cabinet nominees.

What did Terry McAuliffe know and when did he know it?

Nixon was brought down over lesser crimes than those we have seen this year.

Scrapple Face and La Shawn Barber have posted a Kerry concession speech - let's make it a reality.

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