Tuesday, November 02, 2004

How Philadelphia Democrats will use the other 4%

I reported earlier on Philadelphia's 104% registration total. Today, we learn how the Democrats plan to use that extra 4%.

Since there are more registered voters than actual people in Philadelphia, the Dems need some way to count the votes of the nonexistent 40,000 registered voters. They have found a way. Poll watchers today noted that numerous machines at various polling places in Philadelphia already contained votes prior to the opening of the polls. In Philadelphia, the Democrat machine doesn't need actual people to pull the lever or punch the ballot.

The Dems simply stuff the ballot box before the day begins. And if anyone is ungracious enough to notice, they pull a gun on him.

We don't need to ask what party those votes were cast in favor of?

This happened at too many polling places for it to be the work only of corrupt local officials or an accident. What did Terry McAuliffe know and when did he know it?

For those of you that will work as poll watchers today (or if you know someone who is watching the polls), there are fake votes to be found. Happy digging.

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