Sunday, October 31, 2004

Why would they vote for Kerry?

The reason [molestors] give candy to their victims is so the victims say "If I didn't take the candy, this wouldn't have happened," That makes them feel responsible. They think it's their fault, but it's not.

The above quote is from a county prosecuting attorney trying to explain the hold that child molestors sometimes develop over their victims. They give them things, they develop control, the victims feel trapped and cannot walk away. Molestation victims sometimes even defend their molestors or kidnappers. It takes time for this "relationship" to be undone. Time away from the molestor. Time when the victim has no contact and no gifts from the molestor.

The victims I now write about are the Kerry voters. They have become so accustomed to government handouts - direct transfer payments, government benefits, government jobs, government contracts, government protection - that they cannot break with their molestors. No matter how much Kerry lies or how dangerous he would be for the country, the "victims" - Kerry voters - are trapped. There is no use talking to most of them.

By a long lure of planned grass a society of bisons may be decoyed to captivity in the Valley of Security. In moments of uneasiness its bulls may be soothed by the voices of the herders saying: "you are free at any time to go back to the plains. Remember the grass there? It was poor and many of you were hungry." There is no going back, because, first, these gentle herders are rough with the few who try to start a stampede, and secondly, tame grass is sweet poison. From the eating of it the way of life on the plains is soon forgotten. To many whose stomachs were never so full before, even the memory of it is harrowing. If one asks, "But will the herders always be good to us.?" another answers, "Nature was sometimes cruel."

Garet Garrett, The People's Pottage, 1954 edition. p. 114.

Remember this as the campaign wraps up. You cannot convert the molested while they are still on the dole - while they are still in the clutches of the molestor. All we can do is shout down the herders as they try to prevent us from liberating the herd. We can rally our base. We can make sure that every one of our voters knows how fatal it might be to stay home on November 2.

I mention this now only so that we might endure our opponents' instransigence with the pity it deserves.

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