Monday, November 01, 2004

Election eve

We are down to tomorrow and one more task.

If Kerry wins this election, the world will know and history will record that when America was attacked, we blinked. We can't blame our leaders, as our leaders fought back until we replaced them. We can only blame those of us who didn't have the nerve.

If the election is stolen, we can blame the equivalent of our own "fifth column" for the loss of the war.

I am sure there are parallels between that scenario and Hitler's takeover of Austria, where Austrian fifth columnists paralyzed any Austrian opposition to a Hitler invasion. While no "invasion" is imminent here, effective opposition to international terrorism has been paralyzed by Kerry and his allies. What should have been a no-brainer (the removal of Saddam) was delayed and agonized over and is now second guessed to the point where other rogue states like Syria and Iran now have virtually no accountability. Opportunities to destroy the rogue state network may be lost forever while the Democrats in this country can think of nothing more far reaching than to stuff the ballot boxes in Ohio, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.

Win or lose tomorrow, this blog and other blogs will continue. There are many issues to explore. The nature of the American fifth column is a fascinating subject. It is especially difficult to explain insofar as the Dems have no natural philosophical kinship with the terrorist enemies (unlike their natural affinity for Soviet-style socialism). Much has already been written about the left and their motivations. On this blog I will try to summarize and link to the best of that literature.

Deeper discussion of these issues is often more enjoyable than the day-to-day networking and headline-passing that the blogosphere often does. It is more exciting to watch an immediate scandal spread uncontrolled like Rathergate or the Swiftboat Vets story, but it is sometimes better to rediscover our roots and enjoy the underpinnings of conservative philosophy. We make better warriors in the long run that way.

Tomorrow, fight like there is no tomorrow, but be prepared for some good reading in the weeks and months to follow.

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