Tuesday, December 21, 2004

MSM and the blogosphere - part II

It turns out my predictions for the MSM treatment of rightwing bloggers were not far from the mark. Despite Time magazine naming Powerline "blog of the year," other MSM outlets have done their best to focus on left wing bloggers or ignore/malign the whole blogosphere.

This cartoon from Day by Day is self-explanatory. [I originally inserted the actual cartoon, but it was too large and screwed up my sidebar. Check the 12/21 edition of Powerline for the actual cartoon if the day-by-day link stops working.] Although it does show progress when the MSM's failure to acknowledge some fact (a Powerline award, anti-John Kerry news, pro-W news, etc.) is itself the story.

LGF also notes Newsweek's response to the Time award, which is to quote Wonkette (the quote is a completely forgettable rehash of the "fake but accurate" line.) LGF has more, including many hilarious comments.

The NYT magazine cover appeared immediately before the election and served as further proof of my point. The NYT decided to cover the "blog" story and they focused on some left wing hack who made no real contribution, while most likely ignoring Powerline and LGF.

Michelle Malkin weighs in here.

I think Time's award for Powerline was not some sign of actual fairness on Time's part. Time merely caved to the pressure that the new media has brought to the entire political spectrum. Time has grudgingly recognized reality. We must make sure that they don't forget what they have learned.

Wednesday update 12-22-04

James Lileks posted an interesting take on Time Magazine today (do you think I am devoting way too much time to Time Magazine?):
Time's choice [Powerline for blog of the year] sounds a little defensive, as if it has discovered that the best way to deal with barbarians inside the gate is to grant them citizenship and hope they behave.

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