Monday, December 20, 2004

Democrats and symbols

Peg Noonan wrote an excellent column last week on the Democrats' idea that President Bush is using some sort of secret code by referring to T.S. Eliot or the Bible in his speeches.

She suggested that the Democrats start using symbols of their own, particularly Christmas. Noonan believes that the Democrats would score points with the American people if they publicly opposed efforts to secularize Christmas. Ms. Noonan is correct and I am not doing justice to her opinion piece, but she misses the point.

The secularization of Christmas did not occur by accident and without the blessing of Democrat leaders and leftists throughout the U.S. For the DNC to suddenly oppose secularization would be the same as cutting out their own heart. The DNC would have no reason to exist if they could not oppose Christianity in all of its forms and symbols.

Analyze the various Democrat positions on many issues. They all start to fall like dominoes if the anti-Christian blood is removed from the leftwing body.

This analysis does not even consider the immediate angry reaction from all of the moonbats who constitute the heart of the party. Those who would be most angry at the DNC for endorsing the concept of "Christmas" are the same folks who supplied most of the financial support for John Kerry and most of the goon muscle during the election campaign.

It is good for Noonan to point out the option for the DNC, because her column makes the rest of us realize how dependant the DNC is on hatred and Christian persecution in order to function. Maybe Ms. Noonan gets the point after all.

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