Friday, December 17, 2004

Christmas, Islam and terrorism

We have been inundated with news items regarding the secularization of Christmas. Each year, the real meaning of Christmas becomes more obscure behind a barrage of pagan rituals. "Happy Hollidays" and "Season's Greetings" have become almost rallying cries for the secular forces in our country.

This trend reflects more than mere multicultural sensitivity. Hollywood and other MSM outlets are anti-Christian instead of merely religion-neutral. LaShawn Barber laments the overall cultural decline and its relation to Hollywood:
Our country is so corrupted by libertinism, multicultural mishmash, suicidal tendencies (keeping the southern border open for Middle Eastern Muslims to cross, for example) and so many other things, a Republican majority in Congress, the White House and in state legislatures is virtually meaningless. If anyone believes that George Bush’s re-election means America will become more “moral,” you’re deluded.

I weep for an ideal that will never be, that is, until Christ returns. Living in a fallen world means just that…a fallen world, filled with corruption.

Hollywood's corruption is not the only evidence of this anti-Christian bias in the MSM. The failure of the MSM to harp on Islamic terror acts in this country and Canada speaks volumes. A case in point is the Muslim firebombing of a Jewish school in Montreal earlier this year. Had Christians been responsible for this act, we can imagine the MSM response. Scott Peterson would be a mere footnote in the MSM by comparison.

But because a Muslim committed the act, not only is the story ignored, but the MSM passes up an opportunity to follow through on another mile marker in the war on terror. One of the real dangers in this war is the potential for western Muslims to take the initiative and commit their own terrorist acts without orders or consultation with the major foreign terror networks. John Allen Muhommed (sp?) is one case in point. These "wildcat" Muslim terror acts can be just as deadly as the organized acts. [John Allen Muhommed paralyzed the D.C. area for three weeks.]

Despite the danger from these acts, the MSM anti-Christian bias leads to a situation where Scott Peterson gets more coverage than the D.C. sniper and the Montreal school bomber gets almost no coverage at all. Nor does the rally commemorating Ayatollah Khomeini.

We may not always remember the connection between secularization and MSM tolerance for terrorists, but the connection is real. We have the power in this country to expose the terrorists in our midst and raise awareness of this problem. But our own media's fixation with destroying the majority religion has paralyzed us.

The next time you hear "Season's Greetings", think about whether you want the promoters of secularization to determine how and when we will fight back in the war on terror.

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