Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Rumsfeld and blogosphere

Traffic is down for bloggers since the election, even among the largest and most popular blogs. Posting is down also. I think all of us are a little exhausted after the frantic pace that we set for ourselves in the final days of the campaign. The tough part occurs now. The left won't let up. They will continue to create crises and attack in every area. It will seem to us that we will never enjoy a time in which we don't have to spread the word about some MSM falsehood or sound the alarm to prevent some catastrophe from happening. The pressure will be constant. So be it.

We have to keep up the pressure on so many issues, we can't let ourselves get tired or discouraged or, worse, complacent.

Numerous issues, like the secularization of Christmas, the Washington State election, Iraq, Specter, etc. have merited our attention at a fever pitch in the month-and-a-half since the election.

And now, the MSM thinks it has Donald Rumsfeld in the cross-hairs. This one merits our full attention for as long as it takes to prevent the MSM and the left from succeeding in their latest attempt to undo the results of last month's election. We need to support Rumsfeld and remind everyone that while the MSM attacks in their own special way, the terrorist attacks in Iraq are just another front in that same war. Both attacks achieve the same goals [but only if they succeed].

See also Powerline and Scrappleface for more details and fresh approaches on this issue. There is plenty of material for us to use and spread around the internet. Let's get to work.

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