Saturday, January 01, 2005

More evidence of Washington State election fraud

Sound Politics reports that King County, Washington has reported more votes than actual voters. King County is the heavily Democratic County that threw the election in favor of Democrat Gregoire.

Even the Seattle Times has reported on this aspect of the controversy.

Hat tip to Little Green Footballs.

Digital Brown Pajamas provides good perspective on this situation.
The gall of Mrs. Gregoire is almost beyond comprehension. The sheer chutzpah of telling ROSSI that it's time HE concede even though she lost every recount prior to this is mindblowing. The sad and bitter fact is, though, that Washington state is so besotted with cars bearing bumper stickers like "ReDefeat Bush!" that shenanigans like what occurred in this election will not cause an outrage.

I repeat my own comments from ten days ago:
Just as the terrorists in Iraq are content to kill a few people at a time for the sake of preventing an election, the leftists are content to undermine such elections as they can in this country for the sake of undermining the entire democratic process. Once the voters are thoroughly demoralized, the left can go back to ruling the nation through unelected leftist judges, bureaucrats and the back rooms of the New York Times.

A final thought. The concept of the Democrats coming up with more votes than actual voters is consistent with the 104% registration in Philadelphia prior to the November 2004 elections.

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