Tuesday, January 11, 2005

The role of the "religious right"

If I can take a break from the Rathergate scandal for a moment [that scandal really is the gift that keeps on giving!], there is an interesting debate going on about whether Kid Rock should be included in the Bush inaugural festivities. I do not really have a strong opinion on that issue. Blonde Sagacity summarizes the debate pretty thoroughly.

I only mention the Kid Rock issue because it may become a springboard for those who think that the so-called "Christian Right" might be weighing down the conservative movement, while providing nothing meaningful in return. I would like to get beyond the immediate issue and look at the entire forest. I would ask those Republicans who do not approach conservatism from a religious perspective to step back a moment and consider the big picture. The religious issues, the values issues, morality, whatever you might call it, definitely is tied in to all other issues. [There is a reason that the Dems, Hollywood and the MSM are so vehemently opposed to Christianity.] Check out Joe Sobran's recent article in which he draws the connection between the sexual revolution and all that has followed (and will follow):
Liberalism is taking us back to the Dark Ages it scorns — not to the era when the Church dominated Europe, but to the beginning of that era, when the Church’s civilizing task was still ahead. Over several long centuries she discredited or abolished the common evils of a pagan culture: abortion, fornication, infanticide, pederasty, divorce, and many others.

Today, as these evils are reintroduced in the West, liberalism calls it “progress.”

It’s actually the reversal of the greatest period of progress in human history.

I realize I am far afield from Kid Rock here, but conservativism is about a lot more than today's headlines. I ask modern Republicans to keep an open mind. Much knowledge was lost in the decades that the MSM had complete control of our learning. The MSM, Hollywood, the education establishment, etc. lied to us all about a lot more than Dan Rather's fake memos.

Here is another example from Debbie Schlussel. The movie "Million Dollar Baby" promotes the idea of euthanizing a young adult woman because she has been paralyzed and is an amputee. Hollywood promotes this idea in the disguise of a female version of "Rocky." Not only does Hollywood promote euthanasia, they do it by deception. The idea itself would be unpalatable to viewers who know what to expect. The implications would be unpalatable to anyone that studies history:
The Nazis victims didn’t just include six million Jews. They murdered the handicapped and infirm, some as handicapped as “Baby’s” Maggie. The handicapped, a burden on society and flaw in the master race, weren’t entitled to live, the Nazis posited. That disturbing message is more palatable when the victim is “Baby’s” broken female Rocky with no future, and a likeable religious father-figure is the euthanasia-committing hero.

MSM deception has occured on all fronts for decades. Now that we have been liberated by the new media, it will take years of dispassionate thought to sort out all of the ramifications and to understand the full implications of each of these deceptions. Let's start by finding out what the "religious right" really has to say - instead of MSM's watered down version.

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