Saturday, November 13, 2004

Prosecute the fraudulent voters - part 2 - cases in Florida and Iowa

Shortly after the election, I wrote that we had dodged a bullet and that the electoral system could be saved only by prosecuting those who had tried to undermine the system.

In Broward County, Florida, authorities have identified 30 voters that tried to vote twice.

Thirty (30) is far too high a number in ONE COUNTY for it to be a coincidence or the work of random cheaters. What did Terry McAuliffe know and when did he know it?

In Iowa, authorities have refused to prosecute a Washington man with ties to who tried to vote illegally in Iowa. This one needs publicity.'s fingerprints are all over it.

I am sure the MSM will get right on this.

Oh wait, I forgot. The MSM favors and condones voter fraud. I guess the blogosphere will have to do the job.


Sunday morning update

The left and the MSM show no signs of "moving on" after the election. The Boston Globe provides an example of the continued assault, as the Globe tries to explain away one of Kerry's biggest campaign flip-flops by blaming it on Vietnam and a windy day. I am not kidding and apparently, neither is the Globe. Powerline provides additional quotes from this article.

The point is, we can't be squeamish about seeming to rehash the 2004 election by attempting to prosecute fraudulent voters. The Dems won't let up now. They will try to cheat again in 2008 (and sooner). We have to use the breathing space that we gained on November 2 to prevent the same voter fraud from happening again.

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