Monday, November 08, 2004

Specter - Monday update.

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The National Review Online has published another opinion piece - this one focusing on Senator DeWine from Ohio as a focal point for our attention in the battle to deny the Chairmanship to Arlen Specter. Senator DeWine's phone number is (202) 224-2315.

Michelle Malkin has written an excellent post at her blog. She is the only major writer I have seen with the foresight to tie last week's gay marriage referendi to the Specter issue. Her point is - opposing gay marriage is a winning position for Republicans. The same holds true generally for other social issues. Specter will undermine us on those issues and botch a genuine opportunity for the Republicans to make gains. This is about more than abortion. The issue is about long term strategy. If liberal, activist, Supreme Court nominees fill the bench, we will have lost the battle for decades to come.

You can read my previous posts here, here and here. They link to articles from Ann Coulter, Pittsburgh Tribune Review, National Review, Captain's Quarters and others. [Phone numbers and e-mail addresses also.]

Monday night update.
Arlen Specter appeared on Hannity this evening and was generally incoherent. He is definitely on the defensive.

We don't know whether that will translate into action.

Even if we don't succeed in stopping Specter, the pressure and publicity will focus public attention on this issue. David Limbaugh feels that the pressure will help keep Spector in check even if he does succeed in taking the Chairmanship. I am unconvinced. We are certainly doing no harm with this anti-Spector campaign. But I don't think we can settle for second place. At the very least, we will make some difference in the upcoming judicial nomination process. But as long as Spector takes the chairmanship, we will be stuck with a quarterback that (not so) secretly roots for the other side.

My advice is to push for a better quarterback and we'll analyze the results once the issue is decided.
Tuesday morning update

Powerline proposes a middle ground.

Even if we achieve a "middle ground", such achievement could result only from the efforts of those on the right to expose this issue and fight the battle. If you want the middle ground, fight for the right.

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